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The future of smart energy systems.
We are experiencing an energy revolution, right now., maximising the benefits of a smart grid for everyone., making sure you don't miss out., StarCluster.

Energy that is tailored for you - pay cheaper prices, get more money for what you produce, and the choice in how your energy is made.

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We provide a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solution for microgrids and other networked environments that optimises the trade of your energy surplus and needs, in real time.

Our governments have enabled a build-up of a massive energy networks that are regulated for increasing reliability and stability. However, there is still an enormous opportunity to realise the true economic benefit of the smart grid for everyone.

If  your community microgrid uses StarCluster’s software to optimise its trading of energy, it means that every month; your energy cost will be minimised automatically.

You can also control which type of energy sources you use,  supporting the growth of renewable energy and making a difference to the environment with every choice.

Download information for what we can do for microgrids, energy retailers and helping keep your customers engaged.

More renewables

Increase in the higher penetration of renewables in the grid.

Opportunities in changes to regulation

New regulation that empower consumers the power of choice (selection of energy retailers).

Take control

It’s like the government has given you a car, and StarCluster will give you the keys.

Our Vision

The Power Of Choice At Your Fingertips

The power of choice at your fingertips

Choose what type of energy sources to supply your electricity needs. We give you the flexibility to prioritise and tailor your energy mix to accommodate for any changes in your needs.

See & Understand How You Use Energy

See & understand how you use energy

Track your usage, understand how you use your electricity and take action. Have information and control within reach.

Stop Losing Money On Your Energy Contracts

Stop losing money on your energy contracts

Get access to our automated trade optimisation platform,  designed to you get matched to the best supplier or buyer, every time.

Access our intelligent software that automatically optimises the trade of your energy surplus or need, in real time
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Our Platform


Select your electricity sources anytime, anywhere.


Real-time energy consumption data, no more nasty surprises from bill shock due to your delayed usage information.

Community Trading
Community trading

StarCluster’s technology enables you to prioritise your preference for localised sources.

Reliable Supply
Reliable supply

StarCluster provides you with the best available electricity source with the guarantee of falling back to the traditional established network.

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